Very weird problem with lilo

From: Zalek Bloom (
Date: 11/27/03

Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2003 02:52:19 GMT

On my PC I have 2 disks - one is dual boot Linux RH8.0 and Win98 and the other is
Win98 only. I decided to replace the first disk with a bigger one. I
disconnected the second Win98 disk, connected old Linux/Win disk and the new one, I
copied Win and Linux partitions to the new disk, installed there lilo and
rebooted. I got lilo screen with dual boot, I tried Linux, everything
worked fine. I verified that a boot was from the new disk.
Then I disconnected the old disk and tried to boot with a new disk only:
computer did not boot - it stuck after displaying letter L (I guess short
of LILO). When I connected my old Win disk and tried reboot - computer
stucked after displaing LI (some improvement over the first try, but it
still did not make me happy).
Any idea why it happened? Where should I look for a problem?



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