Re: Fedora Core 1 install keyboard problems

From: Sam (
Date: 12/02/03

Date: 1 Dec 2003 18:01:05 -0800

Hi there,

I have the same problem here with my hp pavilion ze4420 laptop. My
keyboard is not USB, but my mouse is, which could be the problem.
Anyway, for the installation, I found a way to have the keyboard
working simply by typing on the "caps lock" key (or whatever key on
your keyboard). By doing so, it seems to keep you keyboard awake...
Very strange. Anyway, I installed it all the way and my system is up
and running now, except that I still have to type on my keyboard
everytime I boot, which doesn't make my so happy. If anyone has a fix
for this, I'd be interrested...


Jim Maas <> wrote in message news:<bqfbgv$on1$>...
> Florian Reichert wrote:
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> >>On Fri, 21 Nov 2003 James W Eanes Jr. wrote:
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> >>Sometimes, 'linux nousb' option works, if you don't have any USB. But
> >>other than that I am not sure, you might want to give more information
> >>if possible, specifically the Cut/Paste of the last few messages you
> >>see. You can also switch between screens -> cont+alt+F[1-6]. There you
> >>might see more messages.
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> >I have the same Probblem on a HP Pavillion ZE 4200 Notebook!
> >- Boot from CD
> >- System asks wether to check CDs or not
> >- Nothing works, the system doesn't accept any keyboard aktion
> >Also the Caps Lock or Num Lock Light doesn't work, neither Altr-Ctrl
> >F2 or Alt-Ctrl-Del for reboot.
> >
> >System hanghs fully. I also tried an external PS2 Keyboard ...
> >
> >Regards Florian
> >
> >
> Hi Folks,
> Not much help except that I have a HP Pavilion ZE 5200 Notebook with a
> Logitech usb connected wireless mouse and keyboard. For the
> installalation, fedora responds correctly for very first input to load
> fedora, and then annaconda seems to find the wireless mouse and keyboard
> just fine and accepts input from them. Not sure if this helps... do you
> have the most recent version of fedora?
> Jim