Re: Text mode in init 5! NVIDIA drivers
Date: 12/02/03

Date: 1 Dec 2003 21:21:21 -0800

Here is what I did. Do a lot of reading from the nvidia website.
And google. Look at a lot of files.

Reinstall everything. Probably not necessary, but I wanted
to change the sizes of the partitions. Choose to use the
video card: Nvidia Gforce

Install as many options as possible!

Including almost everything concerned with X, and gcc, and libraries,
etc. Config at install to boot to init 3.

Reboot. It boots to text again. init 5 won't work.

Download the .rpm file from nvidia. Install it.
Since I'm not yet connected to the internet, tell it to
compile the kernel without searching the net.

After many hours, and much reading, finally edit the file:
which was the file that was being used as the default.

Change a few lines:

Change the line
        Driver "nv"
        Driver "nvidia"

comment out the parts for GLcore, and dri:

Section "Module"
# Load "GLcore"
# Load "dri"

Reboot to init3.
init 5.
Works. Brings up X, and gnome.

I'm not sure if this is the best it should be. But so far the
GUI works. I'll look more soon.

What a lot of work!!!!

Ratio of reading to editing:
thousands, probably hundreds of thousands of words read.
one word edited, and two lines commented.

Just to get a fundamental thing like the video card to work.

How's that for making (in)efficient use of my time?
Isn't the computer suppposed to serve me? Not the other way around?

So I do appreciate all the help everyone has given! wrote in message news:<>...
> I hope that these questions are not too dumb.
> I recently installed RedHat Advanced Server 2.1.
> When I installed, I didn't see my video card, so I
> just used the default, or generic. I got nice graphics
> during the install, and used the mouse.
> Now, when I boot, the default init level is 5.
> However, I only ever get the text prompt. It looks
> like an old DOS computer screen.
> The video card is:
> nvidia gforce fx 5200
> that came with the Dell.
> I looked on the nvidia website for the drivers at:
> and
> and found:
> Version: 1.0-4496
> Operating System: Linux IA32
> Release Date: July 28, 2003
> It says that it supports:
> GeForce FX 5900 support
> Do you think that these would work with my 5200?
> I emailed nvidia, but their support had close to
> a 100% failure ratio. The only reason it is not
> 100% failure is that it had automatic response bots
> to tell me to go away and figure it out myself,
> or bother someone else. Thus, I'm asking you guys.
> Sorry.

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