Using Suse packages in Redhat Advanced server
Date: 12/09/03

Date: 9 Dec 2003 06:29:49 -0800

Dear experts,

After a long time struggling trying to get Suse to
work with shmmax upon booting, I have given up.

Even Suse support did not help. They waited a number
of weeks, and then finally emailed back that configuring
the memory was not covered by their initial support listed
on the package. However, if I was willing to pay their
astronomical fees, they would make an attempt to fix it.

I have now installed Redhat Advanced Server 2.1 on my
second computer.

However, there were some things that I did notice in
the Suse Gui that I liked. One was gnome-system-monitor.
It looks like much Windows task manager, giving
you a good idea of the CPU and memory usage.

I went to install this, but it failed, saying that I
needed a library.

Is it ok to install any and all Suse packages (including
libraries) on my Redhat AS 2.1 installation? What potential
conflicts are there? Do I need to worry about which
libraries are installed? What about Yast2? Is it ok
to install that, or is it specific to Suse?