is there a list of available device drivers?

From: William Winkler (ouiouiliouinqui_at_hotmail.nospam.nospamcom)
Date: 01/02/04

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    Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2004 06:49:41 -0600

    I'm considering installing Red Hat v.9 on my emachines desktop computer.
    How do I find out whether the Red Hat install disks provide the necessary
    device drivers for my modem, CD player, midi... ? Is there a list somewhere
    of supported devices?

    At the emachines home page, they say that they like Windows XP, and wish you
    good luck with device drivers for Linux. I looked at Conexant, maker of the
    modem in my emachines, and they seem to have made a limited device driver...

    As a trial, I installed Red Had v.7 on an old computer I hadn't gotten
    around to throwing away. Even though it could install from the CD player,
    once it was installed, it didn't recognize the CD player any more.


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