Re: ***Do NOT buy software from Fry's Electronics or from Red Hat; they will not refund your money if it fails to work! Warning! ***

From: myself (none_at_none.invalid)
Date: 03/06/04

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    Date: Fri, 05 Mar 2004 21:34:01 -0600

    I'm not all that familiar with RedHat myself so I've cross-posted this to
    alt.os.linux.redhat and linux.redhat.install. Maybe someone there knows how to
    persuade it to work on your system.

    On Fri, 05 Mar 2004 22:35:05 +0000, Brian Miller wrote:

    > Here's my story:
    > I purchased Red Hat Professional Workstation Linux software (an OS, like
    > Windows but different) for $99.99 from Fry's Electronics, believing it
    > would work on my computer; it didn't, as the install process told me my
    > computer is not compatible (I have an AMD K6-III processor). Attempting
    > to return the product to Fry's, they informed me that they DO NOT ACCEPT
    > RETURNS OF OPENED SOFTWARE, and suggested I try returning it to the
    > manufacturer.
    > So, I contacted Red Hat and explained the situation. They, of course, do
    > not accept returns of software not purchased directly from them! When I
    > said that was poor customer service and asked what they recommend, the
    > response was to donate the software to a school.
    > (Strangely enough, the Red Hat website documents that my specific computer
    > processor IS compatible with Earlier versions of Red Hat Linux; so I
    > thought it was a good bet that this supposedly improved version would work
    > on my machine.)
    > Anyway, I've got a catch 22: Fry's won't accept back the defective
    > software because it's opened, and Red Hat won't accept it back because I
    > didn't buy it direct from them (even if I did, they also won't accept
    > software back if opened).
    > I don't see how stores like Fry's and Red Hat expect to sell software when
    > they have such an unreasonable return policy! Software by nature is
    > buggy, and with the diverse kinds of computers available it's close to
    > impossible to expect a product to work on them all. So it's a flip of the
    > coin to randomly purchase software and then eat the cost if it fails to
    > work.
    > The moral to this story: Don't buy software from Fry's Electronics or
    > from Red Hat (and likely many others) unless you are willing to throw the
    > money away. I belive Comp USA does have a resonable return policy; the
    > others are simply not concerned about loosing customers. Normally I like
    > Fry's but this unreasonable return policy and it's effect needs to be
    > forwarded far and wide, in the hopes that they will change their policy!
    > Brian Miller
    > -----------------
    > Here's the text of my email to Red Hat's customer service dept., who have
    > had three days to reply but still have not responded (they told me the
    > above when I called them):
    > Hello,
    > Please see my case number 310593, to confirm why I, customer 572321, need
    > to return my product for a refund.
    > After visiting your hardware compatibility database at
    > I purchased this
    > product believing that it would install and run on my computer, having an
    > AMD K6-III processor; unfortunately it does Not install, and tells me
    > something like "This version of Red Hat will not run on your computer,
    > just as the install is preparing to install packages. Also seeing another
    > link on your website claiming that Red Hat 9 is compatible with my
    > computer, it made sense that Red Hat Professional Workstation should be
    > compatible too, but it is Not.
    > The store that I purchased the product from does Not accept returns of
    > opened software, so I am unable to return it to the place of purchase
    > "Fry's Electronics".
    > The product is useless for me, so please reply with the information I will
    > need to return it to Red Hat for a refund of the $99.99 I paid for the
    > product.
    > Please call if there are any questions. Feel free to forward this email
    > to those responsible for updating your hardware database with correct
    > information.
    > Thank you,
    > Brian Miller

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