Re: quote , double-quote , back-quote issues

From: mario bajada (
Date: 08/30/04

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    Date: 30 Aug 2004 05:07:42 -0700

    "Sandgroper" <> wrote in message news:<4132ba7b$0$22814$>...
    > "mario bajada" <> wrote in message
    > > Thanks Steve but this had no affect. Keyboard setting was US
    > > International tried US English same result.
    > >
    > > Seems that the quote characters are being escaped/interpreted based on
    > > the character immediately afterwards, so that if i type " followed by
    > > Y it seems to acting as backspace or similar but if i type " followed
    > > by space then the " appears.
    > Do you get a system start-up error message saying
    > KDSKBENT : Invalid argument Failed to bind key xxx to value xxxx
    > If so , then you are loading the unicode key in
    > /bin/unicode_start
    > To fix the keyboard problem , comment out (or delete) 'dumpkeys |
    > loadkeys --unicode'
    > I had my keyboard set to [US] International when I installed FC2 and I kept
    > getting this error message and the same type of keyboard problem as you have
    > described , after I change the keyboard setting to [US] English and edited
    > the /bin/unicode_start file , everything was fixed.
    > Check the /bin/unicode_start file to see if you are loading the unicode.

    No such/similar error message has appeared.
    Checked out /bin/unicode_start & found the indicated line.
    Commenting out this line has fixed the issue in console without affecting X.

    Much appreciated, many thanks.
    Any ideas on in what circumstances this line should be kept?
    (just curious)

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