Re: newbie - just upgraded to RH9 from RH7.3 - any heads ups? - please help

From: Roger (
Date: 09/29/04

Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 15:41:10 GMT

Oh-no, not RHEL. Can't afford anything too pricey.
Is Red Hat trying to charge outrageously for
software that is largely contributed? If so, BOOOO!!!

"Markku Kolkka" <> wrote in message news:cje8tb$g84$
> Roger wrote:
> > I just upgraded to RH9 from RH7.3 for a better version of GCC.
> > The upgrade "appears" to be successful. Any heads ups WRT RH9?
> Yes, it's obsolete. Get Fedora Core 2 or Red Hat Enterprise Linux
> instead.
> --
> Markku Kolkka

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