9.0 removes mouse & keyboard on first boot!

From: Exotic-Scales.com (jb_at_NOSPAM.exotic-scales.com)
Date: 10/06/04

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    Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 18:52:54 -0400

    Okay, I'll try this again. When I first posted, I'd not yet gotten far
    enough to discover that RedHat removes both my mouse AND my keyboard at
    first boot. Here's the scenario:

    First of all, I should mention that I had RedHat 5.1 on the machine in the
    past and it worked fine. I ran through the media check before installing
    9.0, and the disks checked out fine.

    The first machine I tried this on is a CTX box with a 350 Mhz AMDK6, 168 Meg
    of Ram, and 16 Gig of Disk space. The keyboard is a standard Dell unit. The
    mouse is a Microsoft wheel mouse, which is recognized by the installation
    program as a Generic PS/2 Wheel Mouse. Both the keyboard and the mouse work
    fine throughout the installation.

    When the machine is booting, just after the "checking for new hardware"
    message, I get a graphical screen that says:

    The following mouse has been removed from your system: Generic PS/2 Wheel

    You can choose to:
    1. Remove any existing configuration for the device,
    2. Keep the existing configuration. You will not be prompted again of the
    device seems to be missing,
    3. Do nothing--the configuration will not be removed, but if the device is
    found missing on subsequent reboots, you will be prompted again.

    I choose 3 (note that the keyboard is working at this point).

    The computer then gets to the login prompt, and at that point, it isn't
    responding to the keyboard either.

    I next tried installing on a Dell Pentium-II 450 with a 10Gig SCSI drive,
    512 Meg Ram. (I also had RedHat 5.1 running on this machine some time

    In this case, everything installs fine, but when I go
    to reboot, I get a "Can't load operating system" message.

    Seems like RedHat may be Bill Gates' best advertisement.


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