Re: testing instalation CDs/ installing from the hard drive
Date: 10/27/04

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    Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 00:15:40 GMT

    On Tue, 26 Oct 2004 12:32:39 -0700, Paul Lutus <nospam@nosite.zzz>
    >> Last reinstall but one I didn't install everything as I usually do
    >> and then found that it wouldn't let me install something which
    >> I had forgotten to install.
    >Define "wouldn't let me install". Leave nothing to the imagination.

    I click the bit on the menu for remove or add items.
    I can click extra things no probs.
    Then if I hit the update button it starts to go wrong.

    My last install would just hang at that point.
     It would hang at just the point where I'd be waiting
    for it to tell me which disk it needed but it would
    never get there.

    My current install tells me it can't go further
    because several things aren't installed xinetd, arts, libfan
    (libfam? my hand writing is terrible)
    and a couple of other. I did recut disk 1
    but the difference may be just that the
    first time I was installing kernel headers and the second time
    PAN and some other GUI internet stuff.

    I tried uninstalling something and it worked fine

    You said leave nothing to the imagination so and I know that
    the above is a little vague so probably I need to try it all over.
    However I'm not using Fedora at the moment (my newsreader
    is what I'm trying to get installed) and as it is 1 in the morning
    here in London I , maybe, should sensible and do it in the morning.
    You may want to wait for me to do that so I can post a fuller
    before posting your follow up.

    >> So it looks as if something to with the package management doesn't
    >> get installed.
    >That depends. How did you try to perform the installation?

    Stick the first CD in the drive. Reboot the machine. I answer
    the questions that the GUI asks of me. Then keep changing the
    CDs until it finishes. Like I said the installation has seemed to
    go without a hitch every time. It's only when later I try to do
    anything with new packages I hit problems. (Normally I install
    software from source so it is only that I can't use up2date or YUM
    that has been a problem).

    I've got the feeling that there is something behind your question
    that I'm missing.

    >> It would be obvious that the CDs are faulty but the checksum always
    >> is OK
    >Define "OK". Did you download the md5sum file for the ISO files, test the
    >ISO files against it, then test the created CDs against it?

    I checked the checksum of the ISO image before I cut the CDs.
    For the CDs themselves I've relied on the check that happens
    at the beginning of the install. That is right after you reboot
    the computer and the installation program gives you the option
    of checking all the disks. Will the checksum of the CDs be the same
    as the ISO images?

    >> I still have the ISO images. I know it is possible to install by
    >> putting on the hard drive and mounting them but I can't
    >> find any info on how to do this.
    >$ sudo mount -t iso9660 -o ro,loop (path to ISO) (mount point)

    Right's the first stage, thanks for that, indeed thanks to both
    of you for answering.

    I will try mounting them and it may be clear what I do next.

    At the moment I haven't a clue what I will have to do
    next. When you install from the
    CDs you need to reboot the machine to get the whole show
    off the ground. If having mounted the images I reboot the
    images will get unmounted. So how do I tell it to start installing?
    How does Fedora shut down and hand over to the installation

    Anyway thanks a lot to the both of you for replying so quickly.
    Much apreciated


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