Re: RHEL 4.0 on Compaq Itanium 1 - can it be done? _documentation?
Date: 08/02/05

Date: Tue, 02 Aug 2005 01:30:55 GMT

More research seems t indicate a problem, with all current distros,
recognizing the internal Smart Array Controller.

If this is the case, can I kust pluch an old SCSI adapter into the
unit, and then put some old drives onto this?

Does anyone have any documentation for this system?


kaschenat a ttdotnet

On Thu, 28 Jul 2005 12:56:34 GMT, wrote:

>Has anyone been successful at loading current version of Red Hat on
>Compaq 590/64 Itanium system? I bought one to "explore" new Linux
>release, but have been unable to load OS. After properly part-ing the
>disk and then loading disk 1, the system uncompresses into ram disk
>and begins installation. There is now apparent way to stop screen
>scrolling past, and virtual term keys do not work.
>As near as I can see, the system decides that there is something wrong
>with some aspect of the scsi channel, and then goes into the normal
>screen based (as opposed to graphics based) install mode.
>The screen does not clear, however before starting the install, and
>after asking for the country, the keyboard type, the load type (CD,
>NFS, FTP or HTTP), it says that I don't have a CD in the drive
>(obviously I do), and it will not progress. I can go back to the
>"which country" screen, but no further. Interestingly, the system
>forces me to the dreaded "paper clip method" of opening the CD drive
>at this point. Even after doing this, and then reclosing the drive to
>initialize it agin, there is no change.
>The Compaq log from the EFI system is not logging any problems with
>the scsi channel, or with the drive.
>Has anyone loaded 4.0, or 3.0 on this Itanium 1 system, or any Itanium
>1 system?
>response is kaschenatattdotnet