Re: HELP! Win98 rewrote the MBR

From: Malcolm Dew-Jones (
Date: 10/21/05

Date: 21 Oct 2005 10:11:35 -0700

Captain Nemo ( wrote:
: Hi

: I'm running Win 98SE and Red Hat 9 on an IBM Thinkpad T30. When I
: originally installed both operating systems I did Win98 first and then Red
: Hat. When installing Red Hat 9 I accepted the default boot options (GRUB,
: MBR and No LBA32).

: As might be expected, the Linux was still fine but Win98 required a
: reinstall the other day. However, what I failed to realise was that
: reinstalling Win98 would overwrite whatever GRUB had written to my MBR, so
: now I've lost the boot menu.

: However, using Partition Magic to view the Linux partitions it looks like
: everything is still OK.

: As you can probably tell, I'm not a hardware person and I'm rather nervous
: about how to rectify this problem. My primitive impressions are that:

: a) I should be able to get the boot menu back by booting a
: rescue disk and running

: grub-install /dev/hda and that

: b) If this doesn't work I should at least be able to get Win98
: back by booting from a DOS boot-disk and running:

: fdisk /mbr

: Any help and/or comments gratefully received.

In earlier version of redhat (7.x), I have fixed that sort of problem by
simply "re-installing" the linux.

The install doesn't do anything since everything is up to date, but the
install gives you the option of setting up the boot process. At that
point I define whatever I need and the install takes care of the details.