Grub Read Error on 1st boot after install

From: fireball (
Date: 11/08/05

Date: 8 Nov 2005 14:46:15 -0800

I'm new to Linux. Been considering getting started for years. Now
that I have gotten started, I've crashed my Win98 system or at least it
won't boot now.

The system is a Dell Pentium 233 with Win98 on Drive C which also has
or had two logical partitions E: and F:. I installed a 20gb hd to
install Linux on. The Linux distro. I used came with Christopher
Negus' book "Red Hat Fedora 4.0 Bible". I followed the install chapter
to the letter I think, to set up a dual boot system, with the complete
Linux install. The setup routine formatted the drive and installed
seemingly without a hitch.

When it came time to reboot, I got a "Grub Read Error". I shut off
the power a number of times, but "Grub Read Error" is the only response
 that I get. I don't find anything in the "Red Hat Fedora Bible" book
that covers this problem.

Thanks in advance for any help in recovering from this. I'd be really
dissapointed if I can't get this working, I mean I've waited for so
long. I was really looking forward to getting away from Windows.