Re: installing Dazuko on RedHat 9

I am having problems on Dazuko installing too.

I configured and built the kernel (it is in /usr/src/kernel/XXX/, where
XXX is my kernel release name) with

make menuconfig

"Enable different security modules" ENABLED
"Default Linux Capabilities" as MODULE <M>
"NSA SELinux Support" DISABLED

then tried install Dazuko with

/sbin/insmod dazuko.ko

it says "kernel: There is already a security framework initialized,
register_security failed. kernel: dazuko: failed to register".

Dazuko README for linux2.6 says that there is something should be done

patch /lib/modules/'uname -r'/build/fs/dcache.c patch_dpath.diff

I am stuck because I don't have
dcache.c :(