Re: Bittorrent installation

Stephane M wrote:


I tried to use Bittorrent on my machine
did download the RPM file
But, now, how can I download a file ????
I can't make it work at all.. I can't find any manual on their website :

( I also did download the Windows version and seems to work quite straight
wiht the GUI)

but how to do this on Linux.
I did read the README , but explain how to transform bittorent into a file
server, buit I would like first to download the latest version of CentOS
Seems to be really hard :-(

thanks for your help


To use bittorrent on FC5, do the following:

1.) yum install bittorrent (only if you haven't install bittorrent on FC5)
2.) figure out where you want the download to go on your system
3.) download the torrent files:
wget http://some_internet_address/torrent-filename

and finally to download the large file

4.) run: bittorrent-curses --max_upload_rate 350 torrent-filename-from-above

**) once your download is complete, please leave your downloader running so
it can help upload to other clients. This is what makes bittorrent