Re: Fedora Core 5 ISO Mount Installation Question

Ok, thanks.

Lenard emailed this:
MS wrote:


I've Red Hat 7.2 on my Linux machine and now want to install
Fedora Core 5 on the same Linux machine (not as a dual boot but as a

Is it possible to *locally* mount the ISO image of FC5 on my RH 7.2
machine's hard disk and run the installation from that?

Yes it is possible but to save you all kinds of problems please burn the
image(s) to CD/DVD whichever the case may be. Make a backup of everything
that is important (IP settings, created personal files or whatever you can
think of) and save to another location (not on the hard drive[s]).

Install FC5 as fresh clean install on blank media (a wipe and load type of
install), upgrading from RHL7.2 is not worth it. The time you spend fixing
the problems should be better spent by making the backup first. The backup
will take less time then fixing the problems.


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