Re: Is it possible to do a 'clean' installation of FC5?

Did you click on it our, paste/type it into the url bar?
I clicked on it and it took me to this address,

very sneaky, guess the troubles with long links is they can wrap onto 2 lines, causing problems.

Flemming Hansen wrote:
Thank you for the advice.

Unfortunately the link in your answer does nok work in my browser.
"Page can not be found" ???

Markku Kolkka wrote:

Flemming Hansen wrote:

I can not browse web-pages with java on, and that is very important to
me. I have asked several forums without any luck, so the only solution
is to do a perfectly new clean install.

Why do you think that a clean install would help? FC5 doesn't include a
Java browser plugin. The Java installation process is the same in both
FC4 and FC5.

By clean installation I mean that I would like to wipe/format all the
Linux partitions during installation. But only the Linux partitions
should be wiped and not the Windows partitions.

1. Is this type of installation possible?

Yes. Just choose the right option at the partitioning options
screen. "Create custom layout" together with "Review and modify
partitioning layout" is the safest way.

2. Is there a guide somewhere to how this can be done?