Re: Installing Fedora Core 6 on Duo Core Mac

That worked. It took a few tries to get the Mac to boot to the DVD, but I
did install Fedora.

My only problem now is that I don't know how to get it to boot into Linux.
It keeps booting into OS X. Any idea how to change the operating system on


"Markku Kolkka" <markku.kolkka@xxxxxx> wrote in message
Joe Murphy wrote:

I repartitioned the HDD on my Mac Mini (Intel DuoCore) and downloaed
Fedora Core 6. What do I need to put on a DVD to make it bootable for
the Mac?

Download the DVD .iso image, and burn it using a program that can create
disks from .iso image files. The resulting DVD should have several
files and subdirectories on it, not a copy of the .iso file.

Markku Kolkka