Re: FC6 doesn't show in Grub

Dave Bazell wrote:

I have a dual boot system with two discs, one with windows and one with
linux. I had RH7.2 installed on the linux drive and it had about 17MB of
unpartitioned space. I installed FC6 in the 17 MB which shows up as
/dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00 when I run whatever partitioning s/w is on disc 1
of the FC6 download.

However, I still have my old version of grub running when I boot, eventhough
FC6 prompted me about upgrading grub. Grub only lists windows and RH7.2. I
could edit the grub.conf file and add FC6, but I am not sure exactly where
it is and how to do that.

Any suggestions on why the upgraded grub didn't install and how to point to

If I recall correctly, you'll find the new grub.conf located in the /boot/grub
directory of your new FC6 installation. The alternative would have been to
install it to your RH 7.2's installation, which might not be what you would
want. You could simply copy it from FC6 to RH7.2 to see what the new menu looks
like, but you will need to run grub in order to point to the new installation.
See "man grub".