Re: FC7 DVD won't install

Joel Fireman wrote:

I got a FC7 Bible with DVD and tried to install (I've used the Bible
series successfully for RH6, 7 and 9 and FC4) but can't get it to go.

It blows out every time in a different place after formatting and
checking dependencies, and I've gone from full-bore everything to
minimal server... it keeps coming up with some file it can't find
(different one every time). I let it verify the DVD twice, and it
claims it's good. This has now happened on three different boxes, two
which were WinXP and one FC4. I've used the same 60GB HDD for all the
install attempts, so I'm wondering if it's the culprit... I'm pretty
reluctant to burn down another HDD, but I'm also pretty reluctant to
spend time and/or $ on another DVD... any ideas?
Could it be something plugged on the USB bus?