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Thank you for the tip and the site link ... it looks like it will be a
helpful resource in the future.

As for being a newbie, everytime I think I've stepped up the food
chain I get hit with something like last night, when something that
would be considered to be fundamental (I knew it was a path issue, but
did not know the nuance of running ./ifconfig while in the directory)
makes me scratch my head.

I'm taking an intro to Linux course at the local university and last
night's lessons included not only included the ./ifconfig command, but
also a lovely three hour expose on how to struggle with SAMBA and home
directories until one finds the needle on the web that explains that
SElinux also needs to be modified in order to get it to work. They
left that tidbit out of the textbook.

It is best to disable Selinux altogether until you have an understanding
about linux security methods , you don't really need Selinux and the
standard linux built in configurations is enough for most things.

It is good to hear that you are at least trying to learn linux in a class
environment instead of struggling with books and on-line howtos.
A class environment also means that you can discuss and interact with other
people to give you more understanding with linux than just reading up on

Here is are a few links that are a good source of linux information.

LinuxQuestions discussion forums

Red Hat 9 manuals.
While RH 9 is fairly old these days , the manuals for it are really good to
learn the basics of linux and they give you step by step instructions that
are easy to follow.

Linux home server Howto

Naked DSL ?
No thanks , I like to wear clothes when I use my computer

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