Re: Installing Fedora Core 6 on Duo Core Mac

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That worked. It took a few tries to get the Mac to boot to the DVD, but I
did install Fedora.

My only problem now is that I don't know how to get it to boot into Linux.
It keeps booting into OS X. Any idea how to change the operating system on

Take a look at these virtualization products:

If you are installing onto a Mac with Intel processors, there is a
minimal performance hit, and the convenience of instant switching
between Linux, OS X, and (if needed) Windows, is a major advantage.
Most of the geeks I know are recommending VMWare Fusion. It has been
tested on Red Hat and several other Linux flavors, and a lot of people
are successfully running them.

I have seen reports that it is possible to boot Linux using Apple's Boot
Camp, which allows direct booting into a non-Mac OS. But Boot Camp was
primarily designed to run Windows on Mac, so this approach is riskier,
and probably not supported by anyone.

There may be other schemes for configuring a Mac to direct boot into
Linux, but I am a Linux noob, and cannot advise on that.

Julian Vrieslander