Re: invoking a newer mozilla ?

From: Till (till_at_spamsucks.lan)
Date: 09/03/03

Date: Wed, 03 Sep 2003 10:50:44 +1000

On 02/09/03 23:18 david Squawked:

> ive just got round to installing Mozilla 1.4 on RH linux 8 (2.4.20-20.8)
> is there a SIMPLE way to associate this new version with existing web
> documents.? i can force 1.4 to load from the panel, but i'd like to
> invoke 1.4 by default.
> Ive tried (amongst others) setting the location of my browser
> (/usr/local/mozilla/mozilla) within preferred application /web browser,
> but all pages still invoke ver 1.0.2 and not 1.4
> what part does /usr/bin/HTMLVIEW play in this?

In /usr/bin there is a file. As root
edit this file and change the paths to your new
installation. Just make a backup of the file first..