[SECURITY] Close ports 631, 443, 6000 in Redhat 9

From: Hristo Slavchev (iconio_at_gbg.bg)
Date: 09/12/03

Date: 12 Sep 2003 07:51:05 -0700

Ok here it goes, yes it is Redhat Security again..
I have been searching google, and google groups but I can't seem to
find the right answer on how to close these ports permanently. I have
stopped the process for 631 [cupsd] and it disappeared until the next
restart, but i have no clue on how to stop 443 and 6000. I sure have
my iptables configured to reject all incoming on these 3 ports but I
want to close them once and forever. Is there anyone else having the
same problem? And how did you fix that?