How to find an appropriate tty port?

From: David (FlyLikeAnEagle_at_United.Com)
Date: 09/17/03

Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 03:31:13 GMT


  I'm coming back to linux (RH8) after many years away.
I've been working on a small project to put up a web
page (cgi) and control a device over the serial port.
I've found some code and adapted it to my needs.

  My problem now is figuring out which tty port to use.
The PC has one serial port on it. The /dev directory
has about 500 tty devices defined. I've been searching
for a description of these but haven't figured out what
I need yet. My device doesn't answer so I can't just
start sending ot random devices. I'm planning on
borrowing another PC this weekend so that I can watch the
serial port and try to find it. I could use some
suggestions on where to start.

  I presume that tty0 and its variations are the most likely
devices. Could you point me to a FAQ or give me a quick
description how to interpret what the extra letters behind
the tty?# mean?

  Thank you,


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