Re: RH Linux Personal Versions Going the Way of the Dodo?

From: Sarlac II (
Date: 12/17/03

Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 09:19:53 +0200

Yeh, real bummer. I've been using RH since 6.2... and fedora is way too
bleeding edge for me to consider using it at work, or home for that
matter. A pity, but then at least one can take some pleasure from the
fact that RH have broken even, and now look to be on the way to making a
real profit, if they can hang onto the enterprise market... good news
for linux as a whole!

Still, what to do when your RH9 system gets out of date? Many folks are
moving to Gentoo... which seems to attract the most interest because it
has lots of latitude for tweaking, like Slackware, but also has a decent
package management system, like RedHat. Gentoo then is a good
combination of the two, with a thriving community too. Still, unlike the
"install and use" systems like RH, Mandrake, Debian etc. Gentoo does
require a degree of fiddling (a day or so minimum for your average
system?) and the use of the internet for downloading packages (even if
you use the IS mirror and/or a local ftp collection).

Debian is just too "fixed" for me, and Slack is way too fiddly... so I'm
going to be trying Gentoo when I get a chance... oe of my collegues has
already made the change, with no looking back.

That's my two cents. :o)

W. Watson wrote:
> It sounds like RH is bailing out of the linux home/personal market. RH
> 9.0 appears to be the end of the line, as they transition (or continue
> to transition) to Enterprise. I guess Fedora is the next stop for the
> home/personal user. It looks like they offer very limited support for
> 9.0 and Fedora--either paid or otherwise. Perhaps there are other Linux
> vendors with more focus on the personal user? Slackware? Anyone care to
> comment on this?

Respectfully... Sarlac II
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