Strange hangs on laptop

From: Jacob Heider (
Date: 04/14/04

Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 07:23:17 GMT

I've been thinking about (and experiencing) this problem since FC1 came
out, but it finally occurred to me to post something, in case anyone had
any insight.

On my laptop, I occasionally get hangs when starting a browser under X.
I've had it happen with Mozilla, Firebird, and Galeon. The whole system
hangs, and won't accept keyboard input of any kind. No amount of waiting
will cause the problem to resolve itself. The screen stops changing. The
hard-drive access light may continue flashing (I could use more RAM),
but will not necessarily. Strangely, I've been too lazy to see if I
could ping into the box. The only thing it responds to is a hard-reset.
It only occurs within the first 7 seconds of having opened the browser.
It only occurs on the first instantiation of the browser since reboot.

The computer in question is a Sony VAIO PCG-F350 laptop. PII-366, 192MB
RAM, 6.5GB HDD, 384MB swap, single reiser v3.6 partition,
XFree86-4.3.0-55, kernel-2.4.22-1.2174.nptl, Netgear MA401RA (wlan-ng

It doesn't happen enough to stop me from using the browser (I prefer
'links' 90+% of the time anyway), but it is irritating, and hard-booting
a PII takes time. I think I pretty much decided I'd sit on it until FC2.
I didn't have any problems with RH9 on the same system, so my best guess
is that it's some of the backports from 2.6 onto the 2.4 kernel. Again,
I've just been to lazy to look into it. Just wondering if anyone else
has had this problem?