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Date: 06/24/04

Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 22:04:47 +0800

"Gwen Morse" <> wrote in message
> I'm trying to help a well-meaning but not all that knowledgeable
> professor set up a Linux networking class at my local community
> college. This is a definately a case of the blind leading the blind
> ;).
> Students would be expected to install a base version of Redhat (6.0 is
> the working version right now, considering upgrading to one of the 7.x
> versions), and network 4 computers together in small groups. Then,
> there would be a router (using the LRP software) to connect those
> sub-networks into a larger class network.
> What I'm looking for is online resources to help him design the class.
> Networking "handouts" from other low-level classes, class outlines,
> etc.
> One of the biggest hurdles seems to be to work out "how much" students
> can be expected to accomplish in one semester. These will be students
> who have only ever had one other Linux class, in which the most
> complicated task was to customize the .bashrc. The majority of the
> entry Linux class is getting used to the shell environment. They're
> not folks who live/breathe linux in their home environment.
> If there were some baseline outlines we could use as reference, I
> think it would help the design of the class. I've tried hunting on
> google, but, I only find reasonably complicated classes.

I have just finished a part time linux networking class at a local college
in Perth ,Western Australia.
In Australia , these colleges are called TAFE , Technical And Further
Education college, and are funded by each individual state Gov.

The classes that I did was divided up into 2 modules
1) Install and configure a network (linux)
2) Optimise system performance. (linux)

The college semester runs for 19 weeks and with the above classes , the
first one ran for 12 weeks and the last one ran for 5 weeks and then there
was a week for the test.
Each class was for 3 hours duration and was run once a week , there was also
a full time class that ran for the same length of time over the semester.

These 2 modules that I did was part of a certificate course called
Certificate 4 of Network Management and grouped under the broader heading of
Install Networks (linux)

The class set -up we had was that there was 32 computers networked together
in banks of 4 computers set-up as a workgroup and then each workgroup was
connected to a hub that connected to the other workgroups in the class as
well as a printer.
The whole class network was also connected to a class server in which the
class downloaded and installed RH 7.3 , RPMS , and other applications.

Each individual computer was set-up with a hard disk , floppy , CDRom and a
removable caddy/hard disk so that each student could run and use their own
harddisk with all the individual settings that was needed for that
individual computer hardware and also to configure RH to the students own

Each removable hard disk was set up as a multi-boot system with RH 7.3 ,
Windows 98 and Windows NT4.
About the best versions of RH to learn on is either RH 7.1 or RH 7.3
RH 7.1 has both types of partitioning utilities of fdisk and disk druid that
can be used on the installation process , which is very good for learning
how to partition a hard disk.

Here is a link to the Tafe college that I have been studying part-time for
quite a while.

I am fairly certain that if your community college put a formal request to
Perth Central Tafe , they would quite possibly provide you with the required
course outline and notes.

If required , I can provide the email address to the class lecturer that I
had , which I am fairly certain would be happy to provide his class notes ,
which are very good and written in plain , simple english with step by step


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