Re: slattach serial ports?

From: Murray R. Van Luyn (
Date: 01/11/05

Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2005 16:55:04 +0800

Hi Moe,

Nope, looks as though I will have to compile SLIP into the kernel. I believe
PPP is still there. "slattach -d -s 9600 -p ppp /dev/ttyS1 &" does the same

I'll have a go with minicom, and take a real look at /var/log/messages in a
moment when I boot Linux.

I'm just playing around with Dave Dunkels' uIP 0.9 TCP/IP stack, trying to
port it to an 8052 with Keil C. I got everything except the cgi scripting
working with Windows, but seem to need Linux's Ethereal to fix the last bit.

Murray R. Van Luyn.

"Moe Trin" <ibuprofin@painkiller.example.tld> wrote in message
> In article <41df9fad$0$29408$>,
> Murray R. Van Luyn wrote:
> >I'm trying to set-up a slip link via a serial port on FC2.
> Is the slip protocol compiled into the kernel? (Look at the boot log
> in /var/log/messages). Reason I ask - very few people are using slip
> any more.
> >[root@localhost root]# slattach -d -s 9600 -p slip /dev/cua1 &
> /dev/cuaX has been deprecated since the 2.2.0 kernel YEARS ago. You
> want to be using the /dev/ttySx devices.
> >Permissions don't seem to be the problem, and I seem to be able
> >to MAKEDEV the devices.
> Can you talk to the serial port using minicom or pppd?
> >Any ideas? I'm stumped.
> Just curious - why are you trying to use slip - the protocol is pretty
> much dead - I don't know anyone still using it.
> Old guy