Re: named: can't ping local windows computers on fedora

From: Gang (
Date: 11/27/05

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    Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2005 23:38:36 -0500

    Yep I should. Sorry. I did most of the homework before posting so I am
    mostly expecting simple directive answers, like "google on
    ddns-update-style hmac-md5" etc. If I found an answer I will post it in
    that manner as well (I got about 80% of it in my previous post).

    Now just need to figure out how to ping ${machinename} instead of have to
    ping ${machinename}.localdomain .... Hopefully that doesn't involve in
    making smb a domain controler (at least the dsl router/dns server dones't
    need one)


    "Kill Bill" <> wrote in message
    > Wow, you don't have to x-post this simple questions to so many groups!
    >> I am running named and dhcpd on a fedora core 4 computer, and I am able
    >> to ping the fedora computer by name from all windows client. So my named
    >> and dhcpd is working properly.
    >> I can also ping windows computers (XPs) from fedora by IP.
    >> Here is the problem:
    >> I can't ping windows computers from fedora box by name.
    >> I can ping mysefl (fedora box) by either FDNAME or FDNAME.localdomain
    >> nslookup on FDNAME returns nothing, nslookup on FDNAME.localdomain
    >> returns it's ip address.
    >> Any ideas how should I fix this problem?
    > Firstly it could be becuase of the windoze filewall. By default the one
    > with SP2 blocks the ping query.
    > It could be something else if you disable the windoze filewall or enable
    > echo response. But you should provide more information for us to diagnose,
    > for example your dhcp configuration, named settings, you ping attempts,
    > the error messages, and so on.
    > HTH,
    > KB
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    > NT stands for New Technology. Windowds NT(NT4.x)/2K(NT5.0)/XP(NT5.1)
    > was built on NT Technology. Anyone understands what "new" means, so
    > everyone knows M$ Windows NT/2K/XP/Whatever is a *real* innovation.

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