Re: Linux file copy slowness ??

decrepit <""mikelayzell\"@netscape .net"> writes:
>parvinderb@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> It takes about 32 minutes to finish copying. When we do the same
>> operation on a windows 2003 server it takes almost HALF the time.
>> I am wondering if this behaviour is normal or something wrong with
>> system?kernel? etc.
>I'm not an expert so don't know if this is relevant, but I'll throw it
>in just in case.
>A while ago I was playing with multibooting XP and core 2 each on their
>own hardrive, I was selecting OS with bios, somehow I managed to turn
>the CPU cache off. This crippled XP slowed it down by a factor of about
>1,000, took 30minutes just to boot!!, but core 2 seemed to be unafected.
>Obviously XP makes a great use of cpu cache and fedora doesn't, would
>this affect file juggling speeds???

"Obviously?" Hardly. Fedora core 2 (or any linux for that matter)
will use the processor cache just as much as Windows. The lack of
the cache will slow both down quite significantly. If your installation
of FC2 ran fast, then the cache was enabled.

It's possible that Windows obeyed the BIOS setting, and linux didn't, but
that's a different issue.


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