Re: XP windows install may have trouble overwriting rhel5

"Frank Winans" <fwinans@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
"Sandgroper" wrote

"Frank Winans" wrote
you may need to do a dd to zero out the rhel5 before XP can install on

All you really needed to do is to repartition the HDD during installation
XP , which is what would be the normal thing to do when you go to change
install another OS on a HDD.

Yes, that was my original desire, to nuke all disk contents from inside XP
I couldn't do so because XP install croaked pretty much first thing.
And, I was
ignorant that XP could be so 'allergic' to the linux. Other posters
indicate this is
a well-known problem, so maybe I should have googled a bit before making
screws fly so fast...

You misunderstood me , I mean , BOOT UP the machine using the XP DVD and
then start the installation process and re--partition the HDD during the
install process.
You can't just install XP over the top rhel5 while it's running.

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