Where are the man pages for mtplib?

I've searched the web, and groups, and cannot find the man pages, or any
documentation for that matter for libmtp. I have these packages installed:


I'm looking for documentation on using the libmtp-examples binaries
listed below. I know how to use about half of them, but would still
like to see some documentation. I've seen references to man pages for
the older mtp-tools, but can't find any man pages for that either.
Any hits about documentation for these commands would be greatly

antares:/downloads> ls /usr/bin/mtp*
/usr/bin/mtp-albumart /usr/bin/mtp-folders /usr/bin/mtp-playlists
/usr/bin/mtp-albums /usr/bin/mtp-format /usr/bin/mtp-sendfile
/usr/bin/mtp-connect /usr/bin/mtp-getfile /usr/bin/mtp-sendtr
/usr/bin/mtp-delfile /usr/bin/mtp-getplaylist /usr/bin/mtp-thumb
/usr/bin/mtp-detect /usr/bin/mtp-hotplug /usr/bin/mtp-tracks
/usr/bin/mtp-emptyfolders /usr/bin/mtp-newfolder /usr/bin/mtp-trexist
/usr/bin/mtp-files /usr/bin/mtp-newplaylist