Re: VPN for Red Hat 9

From: Balbino Brito (
Date: 10/07/03

Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2003 21:15:47 -0400

Hello Everyone.

I found a complete poptop package for Red Hat 9 (3 rpmīs and 1 additional
installation script). It was posted by someone in the poptop mailing lists.

So, I downloaded it, and installed the 3 rpmīs according to the
instructions, and ran the configuration script.

After that, i changed 3 .conf files and the vpn started working flawlessly,
in my internal network.

So, I opened the 1743 port in firestarter and added a line in my rc.local
file to allow the gre protocol. (iptables -I INPUT -p gre -j ACCEPT)

And I can connect using Windows 2000 to the vpn server with no effort at

Thanks to everyone who answered.

poptop won.


"Balbino Brito" <> escribió en el mensaje
> Hello Martel.
> "mARTEL"wrote:
> > What you can do is to forward some ports from your linux server
> > and direct them to your windows machines that are behind your
> > firewall, thats pretty easy, ipmasadm for kernel 2.20 and iptables
> > por 2.4.
> Yes, I could do that with firestarter easily, you are right, but I would
> like to public all those ports to the Internet.
> There are around 30 Windows computers in the network I want to replace
> Windows NT Server with Linux, I prefer
> to do just one connection to my server, and from there take control of any
> of them. I think that way is going to be easier
> to administer
> > Another solution is to start an windows vpn server behind your
> > firewall, in windows it's very easy, and then forward the ports
> > used to connect to an vpn server from your firewall to your
> > internal windows vpn server. (this is the one I use)
> Yes, I thought that too, but I would like to completely replace the
> NT Server. Even as PDC. If I find no VPN solution for Linux,
> this will be my only way out, for sure.
> >
> > Onther solution is to use VNC on your linex firewall, connect to
> > it and from it to your win manchines
> I guess you mean to install VNC Server and Client in Linux, so once I take
> control of the Linux Box i can use VNC Client to connect to the
> Internal VNCīs.... Thatīs another way out, but I prefer the NT VPN inside
> network.
> .
> >
> > There are even other solutions like forwarding the Terminal server
> > ports from your linux firewal to a windows NT /2K server, it work
> > really fine. Connect with rdesktop or TS Client to your firewall and
> > you are done.
> You got me there, no clue of this solution at all.
> Thanks a lot for your answer.
> Balbino.