Re: RHCT Certification

From: Ian J Cottee (
Date: 10/07/03

Date: 07 Oct 2003 09:55:14 +0900

"Thomas Bludau" <> writes:

> hi
> i've a question to the rhct certification perhaps
> someone can help me. i work now for four years with
> linux an i've a clean linux (redhat, gentoo only the
> first time, no windows) client since a year and a linux s
> erver for 3 client(family) since 2,5 years. i've build a lot of
> server systems at home and at work (samba pdc, apache,
> proftp, dns, dhcp, router(iptables), firwalling(iptables)
> and so on.
> so my question is, can i do a rhct exam without the
> RH131 or are they teaching in RH131 so specific things?

I can't comment on RHCT but I took the RHCE exam a couple of years
ago, having been in a position similar to you. Lots of varied
experience etc. The 4 day course beforehand didn't teach me a lot I
didn't know already but it taught me the RedHat way of doing things
and it refreshed a lot of things in my mind.

generally, in my work, if I don't know something I can google for it
easily. In the exam you can't and for that reason I found the previous
course useful.

> i would be very happy if someone can answer my question.
> Best Regards
> Thomas Bludau

Looking at the Redhat website, RH131 is the RHCT exam. RH133 is the
course and exam combined. I would go for RH133. In fact I would go for
RHCE (RH3000 but then I am biased ;)

Ian J Cottee
Nagoya, Japan