Re: Force Grub configuration

From: Paul Lutus (nospam_at_nosite.zzz)
Date: 10/17/03

Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003 16:56:58 -0700

GeekWiz wrote:

>> It is all here, if you will only read it:
>> $ man grub
> How to use grub was not the question, which if you had bothered to read
> before knee jerk answering, is how to make the RH install program do
> something that the tutorial and the books say should work, not how to
> manually do it.

Do it manually, rocket scientist.

$ man grub

> Neither did you. The purpose of a newsgroup is the exchange of info.

No, the purpose of this newsgroup today is to expose your fanatasies to a
reality check.

> If
> the process of asking questions bothers you, get the hell off and go play
> TUX racer.

Don't expect any more help here.


Paul Lutus