Re: Redhat 8 useless on Compaq Armada E500 on battery

From: bw (
Date: 10/20/03

Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2003 11:09:06 GMT

Steve Schreiber <> wrote:

> root wrote:
>> Steve Schreiber <> wrote:
>>>root wrote:
>>>>Maybe the Compaq Armada E500 BIOS is broken but the fact is I had NEVER
>>>>any problems with APM (Windows 98SE) or ACPI (WINDOWS 2000).
>>>>Redhat 8 runs well on the system apart from the annoying screen
>>>>blanking. APM runs well too. The problem with overheating was with
>>>>Slackware with ACPI and if you read about ACPI and Linux everbody knows
>>>>it is experimental.
>>>Just to point out that a part of the reason is more reliable than
>>>Windows is that it DOES care very much about hardware, if something is
>>>wrong, you know very quickly. On the flip side, Windows is not to picky
>>>about anything, it can just yellow/red flag it in control panel, ignore
>>>it, or try and do something with it. In my experience, not being to
>>>picky about things causes more problems than it is worth. This might
>>>help to explain why I have Linux Servers/Workstations with over a year
>>>uptime, and Windows Servers/workstations that have to be bounced every
>>>now and again (some more than others....)
>> I don't argue running Linux as a server (without GUI; KDE or Gnome etc.)
>> is preferable over Windows any time, but when it comes to doing work as a
>> desktop workstation with KDE then I prefer Windows 2000 (I had little
>> success running my main computer with Windows 98 when doing work with
>> editing video; it crashed several times a day, but Windows 2000 is a
>> completely different ballgame; on my box it is really rock stable. I've
>> been using it for about 10 month now with only one bugcheck. It had a
>> faulty graphics driver.
>> I do some programming, gaming, web surfing video and still picture
>> editing, streaming media (server and client). All work I throw at my W2k
>> box it will handle without a hitch.
>> Probably Readhat will do the same but the lack of interesting games and
>> programs will make W2k the preferred OS. At least for some time ahead.
> Hey,
> Smart not to argue that! ;) But as a desktop for me, I much prefer
> Linux over Windows anyday. I can usually crash *any* Windows system
> within a few hours of using it... I am one of those people that figures
> that the OS *should* be able to handle 20 browser windows, a couple of
> PDF's, music, email CD-Burning -- all at the same time. On Windows, I
> can get no where near that before something starts choking, drives me
> nuts. Linux, not a problem, I can do all that, and watch a full screen
> movie at the same time. (not practical, but this is my 'convincing
> windows users on Linux' demo's... get's them every time! So yes, Linux
> at home for like 3.5 years now, only ever had one crash (due to my
> programming skills....arg.) and have had stress free desktop computing
> since. (still on same keyboard/mouse combo to! When I used windows,
> need new keyboard at least once a week due to inflicting violence on
> it.). For the Desktop, IMHO and for me, there is no other OS, Windows
> does not cut the mustard. I am not a gamer, but do like the games that
> do come with Linux, Chess, xgammon, glines etc... and they do pretty
> well for me. I know that is a bit of a missing area for Linux compared
> to Windows, and hopefully in the future more companies will develop for
> Linux as well. It is already starting to happen with other things
> (drivers, Enterprise applications etc..) so give it some time, and soon
> everything will be Linux and Windows compatible, then Linux will be
> desktop ready for you as well!
> S.
Well Linux is partly desktop ready for me. I use redhat 8 on two computers,
Windows 98 on one and W2k on the newest and fastest machine.
I'm hooked on MS Flight Simulator and MS Train Simulator and I've had lots
of fun playing Myst, Riven and now Age of Mythology. Don't have them on
Linux and I can only do online banking with MS OS.
That's the facts of today. I can't skip Windows. Microsoft knows that and
they will continue making good games so Windows will be the market leader
in OS as long as MS has the economical- and manpower to stay ahead of the
I think... ;-)