Re: No more product "Red Hat Linux" ?

From: Noi (
Date: 11/07/03

Date: Fri, 07 Nov 2003 18:03:08 GMT

On Fri, 07 Nov 2003 07:20:41 -0500, Michael W. Cocke without thinking

> On Mon, 03 Nov 2003 18:21:13 +0000, WipeOut <> wrote:
>>Stop Bsod wrote:
>>> Below, a mail that I received, as a free suscriber to Red Hat Network.
>>> The main point is (as I understood) that I MUST go to Red Hat
>>> Enterprise Linux v.3 (RHEL) and pay....
>>> No more "Red Hat Linux 9.x" which is free to download ???
>>> What do you think ? (eg. migration to Debian, pay the RHEL licence
>>> etc...)
>>> Thanks.
>>The about to be released "Fedora Project" is
>>the evolution of "Redhat Linux".. It is a community driven project
>>similar to Debian by overseen by Redhat..
>>It should be out today if they hit their target.. :)
> The evolution of redhat linux is a dead end - After buying the distro
> and 8 support contracts (I didn't really need them, but I figured I'd
> support RH), to be told to go pay for AS or go to hell... Yeah, they're
> real likely to get more of my money. SURE they are. I've already
> purchased SuSE 9 - and I doubt like hell I'm the only user who paid RH
> money in order to be screwed.
> They made one tactical error - they forget that a lot of linux users
> have been down this particular road before, with IBM's OS/2 and
> Microsoft's eternal upgrade plan. That's WHY some of us run linux
> now... RH has just firmly put themselves in the 'vendors who can't be
> trusted' category. I'm going to pay more money to a vendor who's taken
> my money and run once? How stupid do I look? (don't answer that).
> In addition to all that, as soon as the folks currently considering
> fedora realize that they've just been made unpaid beta testers and
> developers for a product that that they won't get unless they shell out
> big bucks, I figure Red Hat will wind up with maybe a few dozen Fedora
> users - not enough to do the unpaid development and testing on AS that
> Red Hat is counting on... So there goes the AS product, and RH will
> either bail on THAT and try something else, or simply close.
> I predict they'll be marginal or flat-out gone in less than 5 years.
> Mike-
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Vendors come and go, OS'es come and go. Linux is an open source,
community developed OS and applications. Thanks to RedHat there are many
satisfied users and a strong Linux presence in corporations. Isn't Fedora
a packaging of the bleeding edge community developed applications that
many Linux users have RH for in the first place. Fedora's an answer to
all those where's RH10 questions that hit the forums the day after RH9 was