Re: Upgrading RH9 to Fedora?

From: Jean Pierre Wenzel (
Date: 11/08/03

Date: Sat, 08 Nov 2003 19:55:07 +0100

Hello Paul,

Am Sat, 08 Nov 2003 17:28:43 +0000 schrieb Paul Hutchings:

> I've not read much from anyone who's done this - has anyone? any
> problems or anything worth knowing?

Tried to update my RH9 to Fedora Core 1. I used apt4rpm before and had
installed some recent RPMs via apt (e.g. Gnome 2.4 or newer versions of
Ximian Evolution).

When I tried installing Fedora, I was warned that it would be installed
with AMD Athlon optimization whereas I use(d) a i386 system -- Fedora
didn't continue installing, no matter whether I chose "Abort" oder
"Continue" at that point.

What I did was backing up my $home and wiping the old Redhat partitions to
have a clean Fedora Core install that seems to work perfectly now with
Gnome 2.4 right out of the box...

But I also will not update my mail/file server that runs Redhat 9 at the
moment... not now :-)


Jean Pierre