Re: Security questions on Redhat

From: WipeOut (
Date: 11/09/03

Date: Sun, 09 Nov 2003 15:36:37 +0000

Sherman H. wrote:
> Do we have anti virus software/personal firewall for Redhat? Also, is MD5 a
> utility program included in the Redhat 9.0? If not, where I can get it?
> Thanks.

The Linux kernel has firwalling built in.. so all you need it to
configure it.. If you did a standard type of install then the "lokkit"
applicvation should be there.. This is a basic tool so run it and setup
your firewall.. when you get more into it you can manually modify the
firewall rules but that will get you started..

As for AV, there are some around.. just google for them and see what
suites your needs..