You have an RHEL iso?

From: Zenon Panoussis (
Date: 11/13/03

Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 22:51:31 +0100

I am working on a compiled, binary installable, distribution of RHEL,
and I need some help. If you have RHEL 3.0 AS, ES or WS, you could
give me a hand.

The first thing I need is a full list of files and directories on
all CDs. A simple
  $ find /mnt/cdrom >>cdfiles-[AEW]S
will do. Mail that file to <oracle at provocation dot net> and make
a note for which architecture your distribution is intended.

The second thing I need is md5sums of the official Redhat distribution.
Not of the RPMs - because of the GPG signatures these would be useless -
but of the files actually installed. To make these you need a virgin
full installation of RHEL on an i686 machine (choose "install everything"
in the package selection). Then run
 # files=`find / -type f`; for f in $files; do md5sum $f >>md5-[AEW]S; done
as root. This will take its (very) sweet time, so it's typically
something to start on Friday afternoon before going home. Please mail
the output file to <oracle at provocation dot net>.

The binary distribution to come out of this will be made publicly
available, so your efforts are not only for me.