Re: Just when you think Fedora is safe

From: Gang Zhang (
Date: 12/25/03

Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2003 18:16:34 -0600

You are right the "for business" part, however I think Fedora
is pretty good on games. I installed the nvidia driver and
Quake runs just as smooth as windows, the same can be said about
sound quality. (I was having sound problems when playing mp3 on
Redhat 9, but Fedora fix the problem).


> I probably should have qualified the title by adding "for business". As a
> business workstation it is fine but their rhetoric does not help sell it and
> actually drives businesses away from adopting it which was the point I was
> trying to make. Small business and Linux consultants are the same people
> that helped cultivate the RH line that I believe Fedora needs to maintain as
> a stable OS from their input.
> As home gaming OS I had way too many issues with sound and low fps and got
> fed up and went back to Windows.