Re: Excellent Cable and DSL ISP List?

From: Carl (moc.erawtfosdigir_at_treblig_tnomal)
Date: 01/15/04

Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2004 09:08:10 -0500

im in Detroit, so consider that in my replies.

Robb wrote:
> Hi Linux guys,
> (1)I want to know know where I can get the excellent Cable and DSL ISP List in my area( San Jose, California)?

> (2)I know SBC DSL and COMCAST Cable are available here(for area code 408). Besides these two, what are the other ISPs?

I tried SBC, and ranted on this list about how much they sucked. But if
you are a email/web user only, then it may be sufficient for you.

Comcast is by far the better all around choice if you are a subscriber
to Comcast Cable for TV. If not, the extra money for Broadband is a
little prohibitive to many.

> (3)COMCAST Cable Modem uses TV Cable, what do other Cable modems( other Cable ISPs provide ) use?
> Can I use 2 different Cable modems from 2 different Cable ISPs at home at the same time?

All cable modems are cable modems. Cable referring to cable TV. You
can use 2 modems at the same time, but you need special software or
hardware to take advantage. I think winXP can take advantage by default
if you config it, so can linux.

> (4)I have 2 machines. One uses COMCAST Cable modem to connect to the Internet, I want to use other Cable modem or DSl to get a different IP.


> Thank you so much in advance!!
> Robb