Re: Windoz XP as a telnet server

From: Bryan Martin (
Date: 01/21/04

Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2004 03:08:27 GMT

On Tue, 20 Jan 2004 18:05:24 -0500, Steve Schreiber wrote:

> wb wrote:
>> Am I expecting too much from a Windows Box ? ;) .
> <snip>
> Yes.
> $450 CDN doesn't get you much these days. Out of the box, Windows does
> nothing except infect other machines around it and prompt you for your
> 'Activation Key'.

Right out of the box XP can become a telnet server as you wish. Not
trying to start another mines better than yours but it is a shame when
ignorant people post things such as the above crap. I am curious though
what causes people to post such FUD? I work and live inside a mix
environment and can say with certainty that both have there places.

Your statement "Out of the box, Windows does nothing except infect other
machines around it" is complete b.s. Funny that I have 2 XP boxes and 4
win2k boxes running right now that no one touches but me and guess
what.... None of these have been infected to this day with any virus. I do
get my updates regularly and understand what files can contain viruses
before opening them in a email from someone whom I have never corresponded
with. Prior to filtering, I did however on a regular bases have to clean
viruses off our network because someone thought snowwhite and the seven
dumbasses had something to do with work.

Activation... a fresh install of RH9 yeilds a registration screen every
time you open a web page. RH wants registration prior to allowing the
hugh amount of updates needed to keep it secure.

Oh and lets not even discuss ease of use and load times. Do me a favor and
go under your favorite linux GUI. Now time how long it takes you to open
mozilla or evolution for that matter. Notice I said open, not actually do
some work. Now time the same process on XP (internet explorer/outlook
express) or just for shits and giggles windows 98. You know what, windows
is faster. Again, to show im not bashing I also understand that I can
set the internal firewall just how I want it or reprogram any part of the
kernel exactly how I need it to function on my linux boxes. Thats the
beauty of linux, the users power is just unreal. However you know how
many times I have had to reprogram the kernel in any of the linux boxes I
run.... Take a wild guess.... NONE. Never had a need to. I do however
open a web browser 50+ times a day, check email/newsgroups numerous times
a day and could not be as productive if I only had a linux box to do those
tasks on.

I love linux. It rocks as a firewall, mail server and many other tasks.
I feel all warm and cozy just like you everytime I start my linux boxes
and think how much money I saved instead of giving it all to ole billy
boy. However, I dont run around talking trash or spreading FUD because I
havent taken the time research or because someone else said the same or
because you think its cool.

Just my 2 cents.


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