SB Live! and SiteCom USB2 Conflict

From: jan soldaat (
Date: 02/08/04

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    Date: Sun, 08 Feb 2004 01:53:36 +0100


    Since I installed a new Sitecom 5-port USB2 card my sound systems fails.
    I noticed on Control Center they are on the same IRQ #9.
    The first time RH9 booted with this hardware it announced the
    soundsystem would not work.

    Tried forcing IRQ's in my BIOS. But whatever I do, the soundcard remains
      disabled according to Control Center. And in the IRQ list it is gone
    completely after changing some PCI-slots settings in the BIOS...

    Q1: Where can I re-enable the soundcard ? "Soundcard Detection" does
    not bring it back to life...

    I'd like to try and change the IRQs for all devices thru software (Linux
    configs) rather than via the BIOS (well I need to, it doesn't work here
    thru BIOS at all apparantly).
    Q2: What files do I need to check out/change to make my own selection of
    IRQs for several bits of hardware ?



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