Re: mysql 4.0 in fedora please

From: BillR (
Date: 02/21/04

Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2004 04:13:41 GMT

I agree with you 100%. Stay away from Suse. I PAID for a Suse 9
installation and tried to install it on my laptop. The sound would not
work. Now I'm not saying that we all live in a MODERN world or anything,
where EVERY computer has sound cards which should be able to be used... hold
it, actually I *am* saying exactly that. All new computers have sound
now-a-days (please do not argue your exception to the rule), and we all
expect the operating system to recognize them. Especially say, if the sound
card is in a mainstream computer like HP Pavilion Laptops. And especially
if you *pay* for the operating system.

I guess the exception is if you happen to be German or something, because
unfortunately, Suse doesn't seem to think so when people pay for their
operation systems that the sound should be work. Or that maybe they should
help getting it to work. They do seem to thing the US$90.00 I paid for the
distro is not enought to bother supporting their install. Yes I too was
asked to pay extra for something as mundane as helping me get my sound card
working. I know I could look around and figure it out myself, but after
spending the money, I would have thought they would help out. Sorry I was
told, we don't help with sound. But if you pay us even more, we might. I
told them to blow it out their asses... or something along a similar vein...
in that sort of strength. This is the second time they burnt me... I tried
them several years ago, but only tried again because someone I know said
they liked their latest offer... mind you, he didn't pay for the distro
though. Crap, even Microsoft will help you with stuff like this.

Anyway, be safe, stay away from Suse, and use Fedora, or Debian, or Gentoo,
and install the packages yourself. I am going to. This weekend I will be
nuking Suse from my laptop, and installing another distro. I know I already
have it, but they pissed me off so much, I don't even want to look at their
name anymore. Bottom line, my advice is to never ever give Suse any money.
It is too sad that Redhat has overpriced themselves... it is hard to even
recomend them as an alternative.

OK, I have vented enough on this... it happened this week, so it is still
fresh in my mind...

Have a good weekend folks.