Problem compiling NVIDIA driver (humor?)

From: Ivan Marsh (
Date: 02/23/04

Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 13:30:41 -0600

Here's one for the chronicles of stupidity...

About two weeks ago I upgraded my kernel. After I install a new kernel on
my server I always have to re-install/re-compile the NVIDIA driver for my
Prophet II MX card.

This time however I ran into trouble and the driver wouldn't compile. I
checked the kernel install, made sure all the libs were correct, but the
installer still wouldn't compile a new driver.

So, being a "smart" guy I downloaded the newest driver from NVIDIA
thinking perhaps the version I had was incompatible with the new kernel.

This didn't help and it continued to fail for several days and I was
running out of places to look for trouble-shooting.

Completely lost, not knowing what to look at next, I decided I would swap
out the card and see if I could get X running with another video card.

That's when I remembered I had taken the NVIDIA card out of the machine
two weeks earlier.

That's got to put me pretty high on the list for the bonehead move of the
week contest.

The USA Patriot Act is the most unpatriotic act in American history.

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