Problem compiling NVIDIA driver (humor?)

From: Ivan Marsh (
Date: 02/23/04

Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 13:30:41 -0600

Here's one for the chronicles of stupidity...

About two weeks ago I upgraded my kernel. After I install a new kernel on
my server I always have to re-install/re-compile the NVIDIA driver for my
Prophet II MX card.

This time however I ran into trouble and the driver wouldn't compile. I
checked the kernel install, made sure all the libs were correct, but the
installer still wouldn't compile a new driver.

So, being a "smart" guy I downloaded the newest driver from NVIDIA
thinking perhaps the version I had was incompatible with the new kernel.

This didn't help and it continued to fail for several days and I was
running out of places to look for trouble-shooting.

Completely lost, not knowing what to look at next, I decided I would swap
out the card and see if I could get X running with another video card.

That's when I remembered I had taken the NVIDIA card out of the machine
two weeks earlier.

That's got to put me pretty high on the list for the bonehead move of the
week contest.

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