Re: Is Linux always this slow?

From: Stephan Wonczak (wonczak_at_Uni-Koeln.DE)
Date: 06/07/04

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    Date: Mon, 07 Jun 2004 11:34:24 +0200

    A Chap wrote:
    > On Sun, 06 Jun 2004 22:37:59 +0200, Stephan Wonczak wrote:
    > >
    > > Hum... this sounds like it will be a lenghtier session. Ok, here goes.
    > > Your problem is probably that you have updated openssl (and krb5)
    > > since installing your system. What does 'rpm -q openssl' and 'rpm -q
    > > krb5-libs' say? If it gives a version number different from 1.2.7-10 and
    > > 0.9.7a-2, respectively, then we have pinpointed the (this) problem.
    > > I have to admit that I know of no *easy* solution just using RH tools
    > > in this case. Resolving dependencies 'by hand' is of course always an
    > > option, and if all fails we will do that, but if anyone else has a good
    > > answer to this I, too, am all ears!
    > >
    > > HTH,
    > Right - I have indeed inadvertantly downloaded later versions of those 2
    > RPMs ... Im surprised that this kind of breaks the ability to add/remove
    > programs through the desktop app/install disk though - rather annoying.

      Yes, it is annoying. I have not found a solution to that yet, either,
    but since I use command-line rpm all the time this does not bother me

    > However I have now got past this with stumbling block by downloading a
    > kernel-source RPM and installing (I also had to install a newer version of
    > gcc as well, which caused a few issues and I now too many versions
    > installed - the -U switch refused to update the original version for some
    > reason)
    > Therefore I have now succeeded in changing the kernel config for ALI M14xx support as you kindly found for me (I would never have discovered
    > that with or without Google).

      Good to hear that you got past this!

    > So I created the new Kernel image and I guess the next step is copying it
    > into /boot and changing the grub config file. Unfortunately the guide I
    > have been following details the process for lilo, so Ill need to look into
    > this further. What existing files do you recommend I backup and is this
    > pretty much all that needs to be done or are there any more tricky steps I
    > overlooked? The scariest thing is that of the 4 or 5 kernel build guides
    > Ive looked at, they all appear very different?

      Installing a new kernel is really easy. When you have finished
    compiling (make bzImage ; make modules), you just do 'make
    modules_install ; make install', and this should be enough. I don't
    remember wether you have to make the initrd by hand (if 'make install'
    creates a initrd*custom then you may skip this step). Just read up on
    'mkinitrd', the actual creation will be no problem at all.
      As to GUB/LILO: This should be easy, too. The different manuals
    probably say different things just because there are different ways to
    do it :-). Assumung you are using GRUB, you just have to edit
    /etc/grub.conf. (If you are lucky, 'make install' does this for you,
    too!) Just copy the stanza of the kernel you are currently using and
    adjust the names to correspond to the freshly compiled kernel. All set
    for reboot!
      Oh, another thing: You may even do 'make rpm' for the kernel build! If
    you are lucky, you get a nice kernel RPM you can install just like any
    other, saving all this hand-copying and editing! (To be honest, I just
    checked this on my RH AS 3.0 machine and it bombed out a late stage; I
    have to look at the reason why, but my time is a little constrained
    right now. So, no easy way for me to get at an RPM)

    > Thanks again for your help - even if the disk speed does stays slow after,
    > its been a good learning experience.

      Yes, and this is the main point of this whole discussion. I am curious
    wether the new chipset driver will give you improved performance after


    		C U, Stephan
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