Automatic loading of ppa module

From: Borax Man (
Date: 07/20/04

Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 23:29:33 +0000

I am running a red hat 7.3 system. Attached to this is am Iomega Zip
drive, attached via parallel port. I have the following line in my
alias block-major-8 ppa
and the ppa module would load automatically whenever I tried to access
the Zip drive. All good. The Zip drive was device /dev/sda

now I have set up a USB key, its not /dev/sda and the zip drive is
/dev/sdb. USB key mounts OK, but now the PPA module doesn't
automatically load anymore and not must be invoked manually.

How can I get it to load automatically again? What might the issue be?
  I could change a script to load the ppa module at boot, but thats not
really an option at the moment, I need the freedom to remove it and have
it loaded automatically when required.

Any ideas?