FC3: Xinerama works. How do I use TV-out for Matrox?

From: Robert Hampf (rhampf_at_abo.fi.spamlaust.svaedi)
Date: 01/09/05

Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2005 01:02:49 +0200

I would like to be able to watch movies with Xine on a PAL TV set.
I've got a Matrox G450 with support for two monitors. When I bought
the card I also got a cable that converts to video and s-video.

In a document I got an advice to first get Xinerama working using a
normal monitor. That was easy using system-config-display. The
documents I've read however all talk about getting patches for the 2.4
kernel. How do I continue on FC3 with a 2.6 kernel?